Final report about the ’ Together for the Education of the Youth of the V4 – 11th Cultural and Sport Meeting’


We, the Weightlifting and Free-Time Sport Club of Soroksar has organized its international cultural and sport meeting for the 11th time in 2008. The main sponsors were the International Visegrad Fund ( and the Self-government of Budapest XXIII. District. The patrons were Ferenc Geiger (Major of District XXIII.) and Tamás Aján (President of the International Weightlifting Federation, Member of the International Olympic Committee). 

The participating partners were as follows:

§         Sport Club Police of Holesov
§         Weightlifting Club of Wroclaw
§         Weightlifting Club of Kosice
§         Weightlifting Club from the Netherlands
§         Weightlifting Club of Lausagne (CLHM)
§         Weightlifting Club from Portugal
§         Weightlifting Club from Lithuania
§         Weightlifting Club from Latvia
§         Delegations from Kisújszállás, Békéscsaba, Tamási and Iregszemcse


 Short description of the events:

27-03-2008: Arrival of the foreign and national teams, Welcome party, Discussion of the leaders, dinner (80 people)


9-10: Major of the Government of District XXIII of Budapest greets the V4 Delegations (20 people)

10-12: Active cultural programs - museums, local historical memorial places (60 people)

13: Lunch (80 people)

14: Discussion & brainstorming of the leaders of the teams with wine tasting in a wine saloon (22 people)

18-20: Watching the movie “Fehér Tenyér” (160 people)

20-24: Together for Europe – party, trumpet concert of “little musicians” (150 people)


8-10: Sportive competition of aged 8-10

10-16: Cooking competition among the delegations, tasting for the spectators (local inhabitants)

12-14. Women weightlifting competition

14-16: Youth and Junior men weightlifting competition

16-17: Opening ceremony with traditional Hungarian dance folkshow and bodybuilder champions’ show

17-20: International weightlifting competition for the teams of the V4

20: Closing Ceremony

20:30- Banquet

30/31-03-2008: Optional programs, travelling back (80 people)

 We have invited 35 Hungarian children under state care (from Kisújszállás, Tamási, Iregszemcse and Békéscsaba, who came with the delegations) for this meeting.

During our different events we combine sport and culture in order to raise the children’s interest and motivation, and through the several experiences we hope that we can help their more successful socialization. If this happens, we can say, that we did something for the future of the next generation.

Socialization is the most important goal of our programs, not the results. Sport is the mean of the pedagogical work.

 We asses, that the project organised by the Weightlifting and Free-Time Sport Club of Soroksar reflected the basic principles of our initiative truly and worthily.

In our opinion the “Together for the Education of the Youth of the V4 – 11th Cultural and Sport Meeting” was an integrated cultural, sport and educative event of the Visegrad Four. It was a great opportunity for the guest from different foreign countries for getting to know not only the vocation of the organizers, but also the aims and the succesfull supportive role of the IVF. 

The Duna TV made a summery of the event on the spot, that was/will be showed in different sport programs. The achievements of the championship emphasizing the support of the IVF was/will be on the national sports paper, the ‘Nemzeti Sport’. The reporter of the Civil Radio was also on the spot, whose summary was broadcast in the block called 'Sport Porta' with results and representation of the union of culture and sport of the Visegrad Four that can serve as an example for everyone. In the local newspapers, the 'Soroksári Hírlap', ‘Budapest 7 nap’ and the ‘Helyi Théma’ a pre-announcement was published, and a detailed article of the event will published.

Among these, the inhabitants of southern-Pest (District XXIII., XX., IX.) and cities belonging to its conurbation (almost a 100,000 people) got to know about our 11th, with the help of the IVF the 7th cultural and sport meeting by the regional newspapers, posters (2000 pieces) and leaflets (4000 pieces).

Sightseeing for our foreign guests

Watching the movie: Fehér Tenyér

Together for Europe - party Trumpet concert of “little musicians”

The arena

Women weightlifting competition

Youth and Junior men weightlifting competition

The crowd of spectators

Queing for the famous "picepörkölt" - cooking competition Traditional Hungarian dance folkshow

Champions of the present and the future „Body Building show”

 One of the organisers in the T-shirt made for the event

Home competitors and organisers