United we stand! - 16th Youth Cultural and Sport Meeting of the V4

We’ve undertaken the aim to bring closer the cultures of the member countries of the V4 through sport since 1998. This idea has been encouraged by the Fund which has been monitoring and supporting our programs since 2002. Knowing and accepting each others’ problems and giving mutual help ensued from these. Most of our invited partners (SK,CZ,PL,RU,LT,AZ,UA,LV,RS,CH,NL, in progress with ES,IT,RO) delegate children of families at a disadvantage to this event, with the aim being to help their integration and socialization all over Europe through sport and positive experiences. This project fits in closely with our educative efforts. We popularize sport and a healthy life through entertaining events (see calendar), help the integration of children at a disadvantage by bringing "life" closer through interactive events: "Close to the champion" (informal talk and interactive program with an Olympic champion, a world champion, the "strongest man" and a professional boxer) and "Discover Hungary" (surprise program series: folklore dance, sightseeing), during the excursions the invited teams have the chance to get to know each other, each other's culture better also. In today's culture mentally retarded children deserve more attention, which is why we've started a program for them (invited guests from Kisujszallas, Iregszemcse, Nagykálló, Budapest and Soroksár), that will help them to come by positive experiences and will also help their integration and acceptance into their usual environments. The highlight of this all is the weightlifting championship, where everyone can show his/her readiness to receive their prizes. The attendants, spectators and visitors will have the chance to see the achievements of the next generation which they can also utilize in their family and civil organization.

Our practice and vocation (that lies on very strong professional economical–financial–bases) are surely a guarantee for the carrying on of our commitment. The numerical strength of our club is huge. We have several young members, whose parent(s) have also been part of this great community. The structure of the self-government of our district, Soroksár, has been unchanged for several decades, we’re working along with the same major in order to achieve our civil undertaking with success. Relying on the previously written and presented, we are truly ready not only for implementing this project, but also for realizing our future plans of socializing the youth in the following years - as we've been doing this for more than 20 years now, on a daily basis.